What is the minimum age to apply? 

Currently, we are only offering options for women who are 18 or above. We may look into offering options for younger members in the future. 

Do I have to know how to speak English in order for me to go with the group?  

Speaking or knowing English is not mandatory at all.  In fact, we encourage anyone and everyone to apply. The group host will make sure that there are no barriers that stop you from having fun and enjoying your trip. We will take care of the communication part if you are not comfortable in speaking a foreign language.

Can I apply along with my friends and/or a family member? 

Yes, absolutely. As long as they are a female, they can apply too. Just make sure you specify in the comments section of the application form if someone you know is also applying for the same retreat/getaway as you are. 

Can I apply from another country?

Yes, you definitely can!

Am I guaranteed a place in the retreat after submitting the application form? 

Unfortunately, submitting the application form isn’t a guarantee for a spot. Application form is only an expression of interest and we will contact you to confirm if you have qualified as part of the retreat.  As we have very limited places in the group, we cannot guarantee a spot to everyone who has applied. 

However, do not worry, we will have various retreats planned throughout the year.

Why are the prices listed in USD? 

In order to secure the best deals for you in terms of quality and price, we have to scour vendors all across the world who may not necessarily accept payments in Pakistani Rupees or any other currency.  As USD is one of the popular currency options worldwide, we have opted to list the prices in USD as it makes it easier for us to grab the best deals out there. 

Do I have to make the payment in USD currency? 

No, you will pay us an equivalent amount in Pakistani Rupees as per the exchange rate on the day of payment. 

Do I have to get the travel insurance? 

We highly recommend getting the travel insurance. If you choose not to buy the travel insurance, please know that you will be fully responsible for any unexpected events/emergencies which are otherwise covered through travel insurance. You cannot hold Soulscape responsible in such events should they occur. 

Do I have to purchase the ticket and apply for visas hrough your recommended travel agent?

No, it is not necessary to purchase it via our recommended travel agent. However, we cannot guarantee if a travel agent that you choose to go with will process your tickets/visas in a timely manner. Hence, if something does not go according to the plan, we will not be able to make necessary adjustments.   

Will I get a refund if my visa is not approved?

We plan the retreats in such a manner that our payment deadlines align with visa processing timeframes. We will inform you about the payment deadlines and the last date before which the refunds can be issued in case a visa is not approved. All of this information will be relayed to you after your application in the confirmation call.

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